11 Mar 2016

Totally Loving Downtown Aurora, IL

So far so good. Aurora has been good to me. This place is full of life. Between the Paramount Theatre and Hollywood Casino, downtown is bustling. I can’t wait to get my kayak on the Fox River to eplore with my son, Ty. I can totally put-in right next to my studio. So Excited! The people here are awesome. Even the homeless few that come into town just for something to do. It keeps things interesting and there is always […]

09 Jan 2016

Our New Website

Well, it has been a long time since we’ve updated our website. We are very excited to announce this wonderful, creative and powerful website.

16 Sep 2015

Bee Careful Out There

This time of year bees are all over the place building new hives for winter. Avoid the sting by remaining calm and leaving them alone. Do not swat at them. They emit a chemical to warn other bees of danger. If you bother them, you will find yourself amidst the swarm very quickly.

13 Mar 2015
13 Mar 2015

Friday Night Lights

© 2014 Tim Perroud I love shooting football. It’s where I got my start as a photographer, shooting for the Livingston County Press and Brighton Argus in Michigan. It’s both exciting and challenging.

13 Mar 2015

Ships Crew – USS Belleau Wood (LHA-3)

This is a shot I took in 1993 aboard the USS Belleau Wood (LHA-3). I have fond memories of those days and still have great lifelong friends from the ship. I really miss not living near the ocean now. The smell, seafood, and hitting the beach whenever I wanted to. I held one of the best (if not the best) job aboard the ship. I was the Assistant Recreation Service Officer. I oversaw the weight room and was basically the […]

29 May 2014
21 Nov 2013
21 Nov 2013

Solid as a Rock!

Naperville & Chicago, IL Commercial Photographer

26 Oct 2013

FEEDBACK FRIDAY – Spotty Lighting

FRIDAY FEEDBACK – Jana Ash Miller How do you handle shooting a wedding in the middle of a sunny day, where you can’t change the location, and the bride is in the sun and the groom is in a partial shadow….. This is my take on spotty lighting: Photography is a give and take relationship. Sometimes you can’t have both shadow and highlight detail in the same shot without using additional lighting to fill in the shadows, especially when its […]