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01 Dec 2022

My Many Transitions as a Photographer

Let’s face it, being a great photographer is one thing, and being a great at marketing is another. In order to become as successful in your photography business, your need to do both well. What I’ve learned over the years, is you need to present the work you want to do, in order to get that type of work. I have been all over the board when it comes to the type of work I’ve shot. I started as a […]

08 Oct 2018

Home Is Where Your Heart Is

  We recently moved back to Livingston County, Michigan (Brighton) and my family is loving it here. I got my start as a photographer here and I’m so glad to be back after living in the rat-race of Chicago.

11 Mar 2016

Totally Loving Downtown Aurora, IL

So far so good. Aurora has been good to me. This place is full of life. Between the Paramount Theatre and Hollywood Casino, downtown is bustling. I can’t wait to get my kayak on the Fox River to eplore with my son, Ty. I can totally put-in right next to my studio. So Excited! The people here are awesome. Even the homeless few that come into town just for something to do. It keeps things interesting and there is always […]

04 Jun 2012

Chicago & Naperville IL Commercial Photographer – Flag Football

This is my son, Ty, playing his first season of flag football. I think he almost has the Heisman Trophy stance down… Now he only needs the ball.

02 Jun 2012

Chicago IL Naperville IL Commercial Photographer – Memorial Day

Vietnam Veteran Alan Lynch, was awarded the Medal of Valor for his life saving actions during the Vietnam War.