The Power of Prayer

On February 25th, my father suffered a major heart attack and it was one we weren’t sure he’d make it through. But he pulled through with the help of a lot of prayers. It was a Sunday, and my father had been in the hospital for one month and was still unable to speak. He had been under heavy sedation and as would look right through you as you spoke to him. While I was at church, I decided to pray for him with a prayer leader, GiGi (in this photo with her right hand up). In the foreground is my campus pastor Shawn.

The next morning, my father started to talk in full sentences. Asking, “Where is my wife?” and telling the doctors that his nurse is outstanding and was taking excellent care of him. It was like a switch went off. The night before my dad had a rough night tossing and turning and being really restless and irritable. My mother ask him what happened between last night and this morning? My father responded, “I prayed”. Later, I asked my dad if he remembered that, and he did. I ask him what he prayed about and he said, “I prayed that I would be able to speak.” Today my dad is doing very well and back on his lawn tractor cutting the lawn, which he just LOVES! Still going through rehab, but doing very well. I love my father, I love my Church but most of all, I Love my God.

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